Meet Jacob—experience designer, researcher, and strategist focused on aging, health and wellness. From nonprofits and community organizations to health systems and large corporations, Jacob collaborates to create experiences, services, and products that are human-centered. Having spent much of his career working with organizations and individuals new to design thinking, he is particularly adept at evangelizing for user experience in order to foster strategic, actionable opportunities. 


He has been honored to share his work on aging with Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation Learning Network and the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, and to have received accolades for his visionary research methods from the Core77 Design Awards and Intel Labs, among others. 

Jacob has a master’s degree from Art Center College of Design, where he focused on Human-Centered Design. Originally from Schenectady, N.Y. and currently based in Providence, R.I., he is an avid cook, cinephile, and swimmer.


“Our most cruel failure in how we treat the [aging] is the failure to recognize that they have priorities beyond merely being safe and living longer; that the chance to shape one’s story is essential to sustaining meaning in life.”
—Dr. Atul Gawande, Being Mortal